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CORPORATE LAW, the first-of-its-kind web portal in the Region accessible at www.corporatelawmalaysia.com, provides free access to latest Malaysian corporate and commercial law developments. It covers all categories of Malaysian corporate and commercial law information: news, legislation, judgments, cases, rulings, events, books and articles.
CORPORATE LAW provides periodic e-mail alerts and syndication of updates by way of RSS feeds. It allows the users to search its archives for a stipulated period of time.
The information provided by CORPORATE LAW is expected to benefit a number of people including legal and tax practitioners, corporate counsels, accountants, auditors, company officials (directors, senior officers, risk and compliance officers, company secretarial officers), judicial and other court officers, professional bodies, students and faculty members of law and business faculties, government departments, statutory and regulatory bodies, enforcement officers including police and customs, small businesses and the general public.
CORPORATE LAW is a micro-site of MLTIC, the most popular web portal on Malaysian law and tax. MLTIC (read as M-L-Tick) or Malaysian Legal and Tax Information Centre is a cluster of web portals on Malaysian law and tax. MLTIC consists of a main portal and 9 micro-sites accessible at or via www.malaysianlaw.my. They provide daily updates of Malaysian legal and tax developments.
MLTIC, an initiative inspired by ‘free access to law’ movements elsewhere, is operated by Muttath Knowledge Management Services Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian incorporated company.
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  to provide free, fast and easy access to the latest Malaysian legal developments to professionals, particularly to lawyers and tax practitioners;
  to promote the concept of free access to primary and secondary legal materials;
  to promote the status of the Malaysian legal profession internationally;
  to make business people, both local and international, better aware of Malaysian corporate and commercial law, thus enabling them to run their businesses more efficiently;
  to enhance the quality of legal awareness among law, accounting and business students, who are the emerging professionals;
  to educate the general public on the relevant local legal developments, giving them informed access to justice.
Contents & Sources
CORPORATE LAW updates its users of all latest Malaysian corporate and commercial law developments. The developments are classified under eight categories: (1) News, (2) Legislation, (3) Judgments and Rulings, (4) Regulatory, (5) Events, (6) Books and Articles, (7) Students, and (8) Industry Updates. The updates are in due course archived. The updates are stored in the database as long as the original copyright owners permit, and may be searched and retrieved by the visitors using the search facility.
All areas of Malaysian corporate and commercial law are covered.
News: includes the full text of news items related to corporate and commercial law, sourced from leading newspapers and news agencies, professional bodies, industry newsletters, regulatory bodies and government departments.
Legislation: includes selected Federal Acts and Amendment Acts, Federal Bills, Federal PU(A)s and PU(B)s, and State Legislation. This section makes available, where possible, the full text of the legislation.
Judgments and Rulings: contains selected judgments and rulings from the Federal Court, Court of Appeal, High Court of Malaya, and High Court of Sabah and Sarawak. This section provides the full text of the judgments with key legal principles highlighted, catch phrases for easy identification of issues, and commentaries on landmark judgments.
Regulatory: contains selected guidelines, regulations, events, circulars, notices, etc issued by regulatory bodies, statutory bodies and government departments. This section provides full text of each item, press releases accompanying the items, and summaries/commentaries on landmark regulatory developments.
Events: contains information on events (seminars, workshops, conferences, networking sessions, etc) related to corporate and commercial law, organized by academic institutions, public/private organizations, and seminar producers/event managers.
Books and Articles: includes information on new books and articles on corporate and commercial law, sourced from leading publishers, publications (newsletters, etc) of legal and tax firms, newspapers and other publications, journals, and directly from authors.
Students: contains information relevant to students who are doing law, accounting, business or related courses: campus news; events by and/or for students; articles and notes by, or relevant to, students; information on courses, exams, etc.
Industry Updates: contains information relevant to the legal industry (including news on legal firms, lawyers and tax practitioners).
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